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In Tourcoing, La Baratte offers a seasonal and delectable cuisine which puts the accent on quality products and natural flavours. By Anne Beaumeister.
Here is an address where fate doesn’t exist. Christine and Didier Bajeux have been working hard since 19 years to make your meal a tasteful time.
Particularity of the house: the menu-carte, a subtle way to discover the chef’s talents with a very good value for money. Every five to six weeks, Didier Bajeux offers his culinary sight, depending on the seasons, thanks to natural ingredients prepared with an inspirational feel allowing us to rely on the past; a cuisine which spices with an original touch some classic dishes.

« From over nearly 20 years now, my dishes have evolved, but I have always been cooking what I wanted. Over the time, I have discovered new ways of working products. Mainly thanks to my son Benjamin who worked in some of the best Guide Michelin étoilés Restaurants in the world. Also, the modern plates (square, rectangular or different forms of plates …) inspire me a lot.»

Often this perfectionist walk through the restaurant with his new creations: he has made some of his clients his tasters. « It’s a real pleasure to give the primacy of my inventions to my loyal customers. »

A restaurant valued by the guides

As the journalist from l’Escaut newspaper reported on an article about La Baratte restaurant:
From la Baratte doorsteps, it’s a score without any wrong note which is offered to you: personalised welcome, smile, soothing environment,… It’s not surprising to see good marks from the journalists of Michelin, from Guide du Routard, Gault-Millau or from Club des Tables gourmandes

We have to say the couple Christine and Didier Bajeux complement each other perfectly.

«We follow each other during the service with no need to look at what the other one does. My wife looks after the service as I do with my team in the kitchen; I prepare everything in order for them just to lift the cloche!» smiles Mr Bajeux.

A bit of history

This tasteful place was owned by Christine’s parents who had a mini-market and caterer service. With time and the power of a 3 star service, the couple has been able to shine. A bet which was not won straight away because of the geographic situation of the restaurant being a bit “remote“.

The strong motivation of Christine and Didier made the customers coming. Their motto: Do always more! So by word of mouth clients grow even before the highway was built nearby. Since then people who love good food arrived motivated by food guides or by the website. Customers from Belgium drive specially to eat in the restaurant.

A creative gastronomy for our clients

Curiously, it often happens that our clients say to us: «I can’t dare to touch the plate…». This pleases us a lot, as we aim to renew our way to be and way to do; we bring flavours and creativity in our dishes… These compliments go straight to our heart.

In this viewpoint, we have also taken care of the little things that please you. Our famous Cheese platter is a colourful treat for the eyes before your taste buds go crazy. And all of that goes with a wine that has been advised by our experimented oenologist by the name of Madame the Boss.


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